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The Neck and Upper Extremity: Anatomy and Yoga Therapy

The neck is often described as painful. How many times have you "slept funny" and felt neck pain for several days afterward? Many of us experience chronic, uncomfortable tightness in our neck and upper shoulders, pain in our elbows and wrists, and numbness, tingling or pain in our hands and fingers. Of course, some of us also want to be able to "stand" safely on our heads, forearms and hands. 
During this 2.5 hour workshop, we will explore the basic structure and normal movements of the neck, arms, wrists and hands. We will practice yoga poses and functional movements to work with restrictions and pain. We will practice poses that may help us develop the necessary strength and range of motion for inversions like Headstand. Finally, we will end our session with a supported rest specifically designed to create head, neck, shoulder and wrist comfort. 

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